You’re doing the right thing.

You’ve made the first step to getting help out of the hole. Most of us have some level of debt these days; it’s just part of modern life. But it can quickly become a problem if your circumstances change.

Maybe you’ve recently become unemployed, you’ve fallen ill or there’s a new addition to the family. Or maybe you’ve simply borrowed too much. Whatever the reason DAS, the only Debt Arrangement Scheme endorsed by the Scottish Government, is here to help.

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Why DAS?


It’s impartial.


It’s Government backed.


It can help you get back in control.

DAS is available to anyone who:


Lives in Scotland.


Is able to make regular repayments.


Wants to repay their debts but just needs more time.

To get started:

DAS approved money advisers are here to help you. Call your nearest adviser for advice on how to get help out of the hole.

M Howie of Aberdeenshire, a member of the public who completed a DAS Debt Payment Programme commented on personal experience of the scheme:

“Once the DAS was approved, the quality of our home life improved, we no longer had to fear what the ‘postie’ would bring, or sit cringing every time the telephone rang… True we had very little spare money left, but what we had was ours and crucially we could see an end to the debt which there wasn’t before. Now five years on from walking into the Citizens Advice Bureau I am debt free, having repaid all of what I owed… In my book, with the introduction of the DAS, the Scottish Government got it spot-on”.

- M Howie

The scheme is subject to conditions, eligibility criteria and keeping up payments. Interest charges will be frozen from date of application only if approved. Applicant information will be put on a public register.